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Latest News

Harriet Tubman on the $20 US bill

Tubman, the $20 bill & African American History Month

The Beginning of African American History Month National African American History month has long been a month of celebration and recognition for

France Saving Money & Food

France is committed to saving money and reducing food waste. Nearly 1/3rd of food produced in the world goes to waste. France is trying to put a

Restaurant Owner Sets Up Fridge For Homeless

The owner of a café, Minu Pauline, believes that community is more important than money. She installed a sidewalk fridge to be able to feed the

Money Jokes

April is both National Humor Month and Financial Literacy Month! So we've put them together!   Q: What does one penny say to the other

Great-Grandma Feeds Low Income Kids

Shaughnessy is a retired postmaster and a substitute teacher in Copalis Beach, Washington. In her county there are 15,000 kids and teens living b

Hairstylists Give Free Haircuts to Homeless

Money can be used to help others in need. Many hairstylists are using their time to give free haircuts to homeless. Just another case of how m