Money Munchkids® Mission

Money Munchkids® is a company dedicated to teaching kids between K-3rd Grade financial literacy and money management. The goal of Money Munchkids® is to teach children about basic financial terms and principles in order to provide a sound foundation for their lives as adults and the financial responsibilities that await them.

About Money Munchkids

Money Munchkids® was started in 2013 by Victoria Khaze. After over a year of research and beta testing we launched our course. Our course has been in several LAUSD schools and recreation centers. Since then we have created a financial education course for kids, educational activity books, education home kits, a financial education homeschool curriculum, and a financial education curriculum for school classrooms.We have been featured by several parenting websites, business radio shows, CNBC, California Jumpstart educational newsletter and we’ve even featured in LA Parent magazine in April 2014 during their financial literacy month issue.

About The Creator

Not one state includes financial literacy as a requirement for elementary school and most don’t require it in their curriculum at all. If we don’t teach about money in schools where are kids learning it from and what are they learning?  Several articles show children learn spending and money habits as early as five years old. If they can learn we should be teaching them otherwise where, and what, are they learning.

I decided something had to be done.My name is Victoria and I am the creator of Money Munchkids®. Money Munchkids® is important to me because of my little brother and so many of the kids that I’ve seen kids mimic adults by“using their credit card” or saying they’ll just “go to the bank and get the money” for something. It showed me that a lot of kids aren’t taught about money.

I believe the best gift we can give children is knowledge and a good foundation for all of the financial decisions and responsibilities they will face in the future.

Victoria the owner of Money Munchkids and her character mascot

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