The Course

Course Length: 8 hours  spread across 4-8 weeks
Class Length: 60 minutes

Joseline having fun learning about profit!

Joseline having fun learning about profit!

Your Child Will Learn About:

Units of Currency
About Banks
Investing & Interest
Deposits / Withdrawals
Needs vs. Wants
Saving & Charity
Making Personal and Financial Goals
Income / Expenses / Profit
Opportunity Cost
Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards
What Is Debt
How to Budget
Ways & Ideas on How to Earn Money

The Course Includes:

8 hours of Instruction
Lots of In-Class Activities
12 Activity Sheets
Money Munchkids Bank Book
Vocabulary Sheets
Money Smart Poster
Money Munchkids Activity Set
Customized Certificate of Completion
Website Activity Sheet Access Link
Resource List for Parents and Kids
Over $30 of prizes per Child
Recommended Reading List

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