An Alabama Waffle House was left totally in awe by 5-year-old Josiah Duncan as he went above and beyond any 5 year old to help a homeless man. Duncan and his mom, Ava Faulk, were headed into the Waffle House, when Josiah noticed a man who seemed in need. Josiah quickly grew concerned about his well-being and began to ask his mother question after question. When Ava told him the man was homeless and explained the concept of homelessness, Josiah was determined to do something to help. He begged his mother to buy the man a meal, and she agreed. “He came in and sat down, and nobody really waited on him,” Ava explained to WSFA. “So Josiah jumped up and asked him if he needed a menu, because you can’t order without one.”

With just a small gesture of kindness, thought, and a little bit of money (probably no more than $30) they made this mans day and inspired everyone else in the resturant. This story of a perfect example of how kids can be exceptional people and how a little bit of money can make a huge difference in peoples lives.