Summer is finally here! You’re out of school. Boredom has set in and you don’t know what to do. July is anti-boredom month and Money Munchkids has created a list of 20 kid friendly ways to avoid extreme boredom. This is a list of 20 things that you can start doing during July “Anti-Boredom Month” to avoid boredom.

5 Ways to Cure Boredom Right Outside Your Door

kid-hopscotch-playing-outside1.) Go Outside And Play

Some games can be played by yourself, like hopscotch or single-person jump-rope.  Some games you can play with friends like tag or double-dutch (a two rope version of jump-rope

2.) Plant A Garden

If you don’t have a backyard, you can use a flower pot. Flower pots cost about $3.00 per pot. Flower seeds cost between 50¢to $2.00. Both items can be found at your local WalMart or Target.

3.) Take A Walk Around The Block

You can even go to the park. If you have a dog, take your dog on a walk with you. You can walk alone and enjoy the silence or walk and talk with a friend. The fresh air and exercise is good for you too.

4.) Play A Sport

You can even challenge yourself to learning a new sport. You may be good at soccer, but what about basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, cricket, and baseball?

5.) Go On A Bike Ride!

If you don’t know how to ride a bike, it’s never too late to learn.

Trust me, learning is fun

Here’s 5 things to help you succeed in your fight against boredom and make you smarter.

6.) Learn about different cultures

Do you know how many languages are spoken around the world? How many countries are on earth? Check out the CIA Factbook and for the answers to these questions and more.

7.) Go to your local library and explore

I bet there are tons of books at your local library. Choose a book that looks interesting and read. Time flies when you are reading an interesting story. Local libraries also have cool books about your community history. What was your town like 50 years ago?

8.) Get a head start on next school year

Did your teachers give you a summer reading list, math, or science worksheets? Try completing some of these assignments when you are bored. This will prepare you for the next school year and give you more time for fun before right before school starts!

9.) Learn a new language

The younger you are when you try to learn a new language the easier it is for you to pick it up. Think of all the new people you could talk to, if you knew how to speak their language. There’s a lot of free games on the internet that teach beginner level language skills. Doulingo is a fun and free website you can start with.

10.)  Can’t get to the library?

If you have books at home that you haven’t read, read those. Reading can be extremely fun, if you choose the right book. If you are up to it, set a goal to read 5 or more books over the summer. You can also find lots of FREE digital books on Amazon that you can read online.

5 Anti-Boredom Hacks in Los Angeles

11.) Visit the California Science Center in L.A.
It is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. Viewing the exhibits with family and friends will be fun and educational. Admission to all of the permanent galleries is free.  Tickets for the Center’s IMAX theater is only $5.25 for children and $8.50 for adults.

12.) Free Tuesdays at Descanso Gardens

See the beautiful flowers in the Japanese garden, rose garden and oak forest. Ride the enchanted railroad for $3. Descanso Gardens is opened daily from 10am to 4pm. On Free Tuesdays, there is no cost to visitors who RSVP’d. Tickets must be reserved online in advance for Free Tuesdays. Parking is free. The price for non-free Tuesday visitors is $4 for children and $9 for adults.

13.) Go fishing at Echo Park Lake

The park has a beautiful view of the lake, walking paths, and pedal boat rentals. Rentals are $5 for children and $10 for adults.

14.) Visit LA County Museum of Art.

Children get in free but the price for adults is $15. There is a $14 fee for parking.

15.) A museum designed especially for kids. Kidspace Children’s Museum

Kidspace is designed for kids under age 10. Exhibits are outdoors with mud and water around, bringing a change of clothes is recommended. The Museum is open Tuesday to Friday. There is a $13 cost for admissions.

5 things you can do with a friend or alone

16.) Learn how to cook.

There a lot of cool recipes on the internet. If you’re too young to use the stove without an adult there are recipes that don’t require heat. Start off simple try PB&J sandwiches, grilled cheese, boiled eggs, toast, or learn how to make lemonade.

17.) Watch your favorite TV show with a friend.

18.) Write a story.

Have you ever kept a diary? Writing down your thoughts can be a great emotional release. If you don’t want to write about real life, be creative and write a fictional story. You can write a continuation of your favorite movie or T.V. show.

19.) Rock out

What’s your favorite song? Music can be a great emotional release as well.

20.) Play a board game.

If you have enough people around, you can play Monopoly, Cranium, Clue, Uno, Battleship, or Connect Four. If no one is around, you can complete a puzzle.


Author: Kerice Robinson