When she was 25 years old Angel had a job working in a restaurant but she became pregnant and eventually was unable to work because of her pregnancy, so she was let go. Pregnant and penniless, Angel found that her only option was to move into a homeless shelter. She lived there for two years with her three children. It looked like there was no way out.

While working at Modell’s Sporting Goods, she unknowingly appeared on Undercover Boss. Her job was to train a new employee named Joey who was Mitchell Modell, CEO of the sporting goods giant, in disguise. During their conversations, Angel shared her personal struggles to encourage Modell to work hard, and he was profoundly moved. “I’m the one who decides how much our associates are paid,” Modell said, “and to learn that one of our employees is homeless makes me sick.”

At the end of the episode, Modell promoted Angel to assistant manager, giving her a $14,000 annual raise, but that wasn’t all. He couldn’t stand her living in a homeless shelter with three children so he did something unbelievable. Modell gave her a check for $250,000, saying, “I want you to move out of there immediately… tonight.” Watch the video: