Money Munchkids Business Marketing Internship

Money Munchkids is a children’s education company dedicated to teaching children k-3rd grade financial education and money management. We do this through both retail and commercial products and services.

Interns are unpaid unless otherwise mentioned. The position is designed for to educate, has flexible hours and is telecommute.
Tasks will be given on a per project basis depending on your experience, skill, and interest.

We’re looking for people who need entry-level experience with various aspects of marketing and business who are looking to learn. No experience necessary but a desire to grow your skills is required.
Interns will ALWAYS be given first opportunity at paid positions, franchises options, etc.


Project are given based on skill set/developing skills/interests. Possible projects include:
updating the website
creating content
Social media posting/scheduling
Online research
Event research/planning/executing/attending
photo/video editing
PR, Editorials, and Ads
You will be included in business/marketing plans and strategy for your education.


Good communication skills
Organized/time management
English speaking
Microsoft office preferred
No degree necessary – sometimes the best lessons arn’t found in a book
Desire to learn

I enjoyed the internship program and I would credit this program for kicking off my marketing career. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity!
~ Anonymous Staff Survey 11/17

The management style I was exposed to was very impactful. What I liked most was the support from my supervisor. I felt like through this experience I gained a lot of confidence in my ability to learn and my ability to perform. To be honest, I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like.
~Anonymous Staff Survey 12/17


  1. Submit your application below
  2. Email your resume to with the subject line “intern applicant”

Anonymous Staff Curvey 1/18 Comments:
Great internship, taught me valuable marketing information as well as time-management skills. Thanks!

What I liked most was that I was able to choose most of the projects I wanted to complete.
~Anymous Staff Survey 12/17