The photos below tell the story of how a man at a grocery store saw a woman having trouble paying for her groceries and decided to step in provide a little financial help. As her food stamp card got declined, assumably canceled by her ex-boyfriend,  she broke down and told the cashier that he kicked her and their baby out.

Another customer in line offered to pay for her food. The woman tried to refuse saying that she had no job and was not able to pay him back. It so happened that he was looking for a new receptionist for his apartment complex and offered her an interview.

This man’s financial intelligence helped him make good financial decisions to be able to own an apartment complex as well as have the money to pay for the woman’s groceries.

People often think that financial intelligence and financial education only equates to results such as saving, investing or making money for only one person. What many fail to realize is how many people we each effect in our daily lives and if you have the money to spend many choose to spend if on others or helping others. Just like this gentlemen at the grocery store.
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