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Financial Literacy:
The Forgotten Subject

PDF ebook on financial education for children, why it’s important, and how parents can start teaching their kids today!

Family-friendly Budget Sheet!

It’s never too early to start including your kids on how your family budgets! This kid-friendly budget sheet should help!

Bank Book Money Game!

Teach your kids about math, money, how to keep track of money and how banks work all at once with this simple and fun bank book game!

How to teach your kids about money at home (DIY)

A short lecture on How to teach kids about money and financial education at home with NOTHING but your wits!

Using video games for education

This talk will focus on how to use common video games as part of your kids homeschooling experience. We’ll focus on both traditional core education subjects like history, math, etc. and other topics like social learning, philosophy, critical thinking, and more

Using video games for education – PDF download

Download the short notes for this talk and a form base on our talk to help you analyze your favorite video games. 

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