Family First 

At Money Munchkids℠ we pride ourselves on being a fun and family friendly company. That is why almost all of our positions are telecommuting positions. Telecommuting allows our employees and interns to have a flexible schedule and spend more time with their loved ones. It also reduces the time and money spent commuting that impacts most families.
Telecommuting also allows Money Munchkids® to be a more inclusive company by allowing people with disabilities and/or disorders to work in the atmosphere that accommodates their needs.


At Money Munchkids℠ we know that the planet we leave behind is the planet the next generation will inherit. We plan on making that a good one.
That’s why we follow three principles to help reduce our carbon footprint:

  1. Print EVERYTHING only as needed. Everything means EVERYTHING: Our activity books, fliers, business cards, etc. We only print as need to reduce waste and overuse.
  2. Re-use and recycle whenever possible. Much of our printed materials are printed on recycled paper. Boxes from inventory or supplies are often reused for giveaways, in-office organization, etc. It may not be the prettiest but it’s the most eco-friendly!
  3. Create an Eco-friendly Office Why use fossil fuels when telecommuting saves gas and is more convenient for our staff? Our main office utilizes LED lights in all our lighting and uses recycled paper.


money team work kids events

Work with a Purpose

When you work with Money Munchkids® you’ll have a clear sense of purpose. Our mission of bringing financial education to as many children as possible drives our employees in their day-to-day actions.

Inclusive Team Oriented Structure

Money Munchkids℠ is proud to be a flat organization (also known as a horizontal organization). This means that we work in larger teams and the number of people in the chain of command above anyone is small.  The horizontal organizational structure has been shown to help increase job satisfaction through creating an inclusive workplace culture and environment. Our employee-centered approach focuses on fostering an open atmosphere where cooperation, collaboration, creativity, and innovation are encouraged and rewarded.

I liked that I always received feedback with suggestions for improvement. ~ Anonymous Staff Survey 12/17

I love how ( the supervisor) was laidback and allowed space for you to work and was always there if you needed help.

~ Anonymous Staff Survey 01/18

Technologically Savy

For many years our founder, Victoria Khaze, saw many companies that didn’t fully utilize the amazing technology that is available today. Money Munchkids hopes to lead the way for a new type of workplace that utilizes technology to the fullest, applicable, degree. This means utilizing digital tools instead of methods used in “old-fashioned” companies such as utilizing virtual meeting software instead of meeting rooms or digital forms for raffles instead of paper raffle tickets. Money Munchkids also utilizes email as our primary form of communication as it is often faster than other forms of communication, reduces miscommunication and confusion.
UPDATE: Money Munchkids® will now be utilizing 3D printing to create child-friendly promotional items!

Equality and Inclusion

Money is used by everyone regardless of religion, race, personal style, age, gender, background, lifestyle and national origin. That’s why it only makes sense for Money Munchkids to be an entirely inclusive company. We believe that everyone who uses money can be part of a company that helps teach about money. We take inclusion and equality very seriously. Our technology, family and eco-friendly telecommuting option also allows individuals who require specific accommodations to work in the comfort of their own home.


Money Munchkids® is proud to be an education company. That is why we are happy to offer internships designed for student education. Our internships are designed to teach various skills such as organization, autonomous working, and utilization of various business tools.


Employees and interns are always given first opportunity for advancement, employment positions, and franchise options.

I enjoyed the internship program and I would credit this program for kicking off my marketing career. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity!
~ Anonymous Staff Survey 11/17

Apply for our internship:

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