Money Munchkids strives to be a company lead by core values that people can be proud to work for, buy from and support.  Philanthropy is something that couldn’t more in line with what Money Munchkids is and stands for. 

Autism Hope alliance

We’re proud to donate 10% of our sales to Autism Hope Alliance

As a partner of Autism Hope Alliance we’re proud to support AHA in thier efforts to raise awareness, provide education and resources to families, and support their amazing programs like Gift of Hope and the Autism Pantry Program. 

In addition quarterly product and materials donations we are proud to donate 10% of our sales to help support this amazing organization.

Munchkids in the Making Program

As of 2019, Money Munchkids is starting a new program in which we will put aside a small amount of product to be given away to those who are struggling financially. As this is a new program we will select one person every in June and December to receive a Money Munchkids product of their choosing. As Money Munchkids grows we hope that this program will grow to a monthly program as well as include more regular donations to community centers. 

Simply enter your information in the form and we’ll contact you if you are selected!
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