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Classroom Curriculum For Schools

The Money Munchkids Classroom Curriculum for Financial Education was created to fill the current financial education void that exists in our schools today. Our curriculum is comprised of 35 key lessons, roughly 40-50 minutes each, that are designed to be taught once a week. We have also included four supplemental lessons to allow for the variations between educational institutions total school weeks.

Our curriculum starts where most schools, and Common Core, leave off; at identifying and counting money. This allows for seamless inclusion into any classroom. From there our curriculum goes on to a wide variety of money-related topics such as the history of money, bartering, income, expenses, needs vs wants, banks, debit vs credit cards, budgeting, compromise, supply and demand, investing, charity and how all of these concepts work together on an everyday basis.


Crafted with Kids In Mind

Our curriculum has specifically been designed to cater to young children by ensuring that all seven learning styles
(visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary) are included throughout the curriculum.

We understand that for most children who learn new concepts repetition is very important. This is why our curriculum is designed to be taught from Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Teaching this material each year as the student progresses will help establish a good foundation of familiar financial concepts as the student’s skills increase.

Teacher Approved

Our curriculum was created with the assistance of several teachers across the globe. We have worked tirelessly to ensure it is both easy to use for the teachers as well as engaging for students.

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