Financial Education Resource Directory

This financial education resource directory designed to help our customers and their children in becoming more financially literate. Our goal for creating this directory is to help more people, children and adults, become more educated in various financial topics. Our financial education directory is broken down by topic to help it easy to use for both parents and kids to learn about financial education and money management.

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A Budget is a plan to save or spend your money. – Money Munchkids definition

Creating a budget helps you plan what to do with your money to be able to afford what you need and what you want. Learn about making, using and keeping a budget here.

Banks & Financial Institutions

A bank is a company and a place that holds people’s money for them. – Money Munchkids Definition

A bank is a company or establishment that is authorized by the government to accept peoples money as deposits, pay interest, clear or cash checks, provide loans, and provide other financial assistance or financial services to its customers.

Learn about banks, bank accounts, checking accounts, savings account, interest and more here!



Saving is the amount left from our expenses and kept aside for future. – Money Munchkids definition

Both kids and adults need to learn ways to save money and put them to good use. Learn creative practices to save up from our resources.

Money munchkids credit card


Credit is used to buy goods or services without immediate payment, with the promise to pay it in the future. – Money Munchkids definition

Credit is essential part of our finances and requires good knowledge to be handled wisely. Knowing about various concepts like credit score, good and bad credit can help you in making better financial choices. Click below to learn more on credit from our resources.



Debt is an amount we owe to others obtained upon borrowing. – Money Munchkids definition

It is a crucial part of our finances and needs extra care to be managed. Knowing about good and bad debt, interest rates and various purposes of debt is useful for debt management. Learn more from our resources section.

Resources to Teach Your Kids

Teaching kids financial education and money management is tough. To help make it easy and fun we’ve compiled a list of articles, videos, books and movies that can help you teach your kids about money and financial literacy in a fun and interactive way!

kids having fun shopping

Resources for Kids

Some links for kids to play, learn and practice concepts on financial literacy.

kids having fun shopping

Resources for Adults

Being an adult can be hard especially when it comes to managing money. We’ve provided a few resources about money management for adults! After all the best way to teach is to do!

life game

Money & Life Events

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