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The Money Munchkids Financial Education Curriculum 

Our financial education curriculum is perfect for teaching your child about money.
Suggested for grades K and up based on federal education guidelines. Great for all learners!

Includes topics such as barter & trade, history of money, income, types of jobs, bank accounts, ATM’s, checks, debit cards, credit cards, interest, budgeting, needs vs wants, expenses, supply & demand, investing, taxes, charity, donation and more! 

  • Created with multiple national and international teachers
  • Supports five national and international education standards
  • 35 lessons: Only 30-45 minutes each
  • Utilizes all 7 learning styles!
  • Dyslexia friendly
  • Autism Approved by the AHA
  • ADHD & LD friendly 
  • Authenticated Educational Product
  • Favorably reviews by Old School House magazine
  • Student workbooks include over 200 pages of versatile and interactive activities suitable for all learning styles.
  • Single Instructors guide works with multiple students workbooks
  • Great for multi-student families
teacher approved autism approves dyslexya friendly ADDitude Approved mom approved certi authenticated product


FIRST TIME ORDERS: Please remember to purchase the Instructors guide AND student workbook KIT.
Workbooks alone do not educate your child best without the Instructors guide. A single Instructors Guide will work with all workbook levels.
Students learning at a 3rd grade level or higher can utalize the 3rd+ workbook

Instructors guide & workbook KIT : $80     

Student Workbook ONLY: $60  

Instructors guide Sample

(works with all workbooks levels)

Student Workbook (K)

(Workbook have the same topics, activities are adjusted to skill level.)


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