Between parents buying cards and gifts for their kids to take to their classmates and teachers and couples spending money on gifts, cards and/or dinners Valentines day can get expensive! During holidays many get caught up with the gifts and spending and forget about the true meaning of the holidays; being with those you love. This is especially true for Valentines day since it has evolved to be more of a celebration of those we care about in general. We’ve put together some cool DIY crafts to help you express your Valentines day wishes without breaking the bank!

Thumb print valentines day cards

Thumb Print Card

Using a piece of construction paper and an ink pad make thumbprints on the card. using markers or crayons turn the thumbprints into “people”.

Write the phrase “thumb-body loves you!” Decorate as you like.




popcicle stick fence valentines day cards

Popsicle stick fence valentine door decoration

Glue several po9pcicle sticks together side by side. Color or paint as you like. Glue a piece of string to the back of the popsicle sticks to create a hanger. Decorate the fence with hearts, phrases, etc. Decorate as you like.




valentines cards money themed

Download our valentines cards and get million dollar smiles!

(Both from the fun puzzle cards and from saving money!!)

Just download and fold to make 3 double-sided cards! (Cut them apart!)

Here’s a few more cool, and money smart, Valentine’s day ideas!