It’s true you never stop learning but sometimes we could all use a little help learning something new. These website are some great places to start learning new things! From languages to creativity to cooking!


CreativeLive: Get smarter and boost your creativity with free online classes.

Craftsy: Learn a fun, new skill from expert instructors in cooking, knitting, sewing, cake decorating, and more. A massive collection of online guides on just about every topic imaginable.

Zidbits: Subscribe to this huge collection of fun facts, weird news, and articles on a variety of topics.

WonderHowTo: New videos daily to teach you how to do any number of different things.

FutureLearn: Join over 3 million others taking courses in everything from health and history to nature and more.

Khan Academy: One of the biggest and best-known gamified online learning platforms.

Yousician: Who said when you learn something new it has to be work-related?

Duolingo: A completely free, gamified language learning site.

Squareknot: Get creative with other creatives.

Spreeder: How cool would it be to be able to speed read?

Memrise: Get smarter and expand your vocabulary.

Cook Smarts: Learn basic to advanced food prep and cooking techniques.

The Happiness Project: Why not just learn how to be happy? I’d give five minutes a day to that!

Surface Languages: A good choice if you just need to learn a few phrases for travel.

Make: Learn how to do that DIY project you’ve had your eye on.