Shaughnessy is a retired postmaster and a substitute teacher in Copalis Beach, Washington. In her county there are 15,000 kids and teens living below the poverty line in Grays Harbor County.

During the school year, low-income students can get their lunches through free or discounted meal programs at school.

This year the School District was forced to cut summer meals when the USDA made a change to their grant requiring the meals be served in a single location. With the county being as large as it is this was a nearly impossible task.

Realizing that local low-income families couldn’t afford to fill this gap, Shaughnessy decided to do something about it.¬†Shaughnessy got a caterer’s license and began bringing lunches to low income kids who were affected by program cut. She called the program “Green Lantern Lunches” after Green Lantern Pub in Copalis Beach, whose owners offered the pub’s kitchen to prepare meals.

The kids have come to anticipate the sight of her navy blue car with the custom-made “Green Lantern Lunches” signs on its doors.¬†Shaughnessy kind heart and tireless efforts are just another example of how a little bit of love and some money can go a long way to helping people in need.