Cheerleaders are notorious for short skirts and high kicks but they’re also known for high bills and short paychecks. Thank goodness this has begun to change! Just recently the court approved a settlement between the cheerleaders and the Jets. Unfortunately, the 52 cheerleaders will receive only $2,500 for each season worked in the time covered by the suit.

In the lawsuit against the Jets, it was claimed each cheerleader made only $150 per game. It’s important to note that cheerleaders don’t receive compensation for weekly practices or rehearsals.

The cheerleader’s attorney, Patricia Pierce pointed out: “When you look at the actual hours worked versus what they are paid, many only made $3.77 per hour,” Pierce said. “When you factor in the required hair, makeup and transportation expenses, the hourly rate goes below $1.50 an hour.”

The Jets cheerleaders certainly aren’t the first to bring a wage suit against an NFL team and we hope they won’t be the last.
The Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills have also been sued.

The Buccaneers and Raiders have reached a settlement while the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders have recently received authorization for a class action lawsuit against the team.

Although financial education can help everyone make smart decision with their money they first need to be paid a fair a livable wage to be able to have money to decide what to do with.

Check out this video below on cheerleaders low wage issues.