Homeschool Curriculum for Financial Education (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

all homeschool financial education kids curriculumOur new financial education homeschool curriculum is perfect for teaching your child about money. Suggested for grades K-3rd based on federal education guidelines. However, if you have any questions regarding if our material is suitable for your child please contact us. 

  • Created with multiple national and international teachers
  • supports five national and international education standards
  • 35 lessons: 30-45 minutes each
  • Utilizes all 7 learning styles
  • Dyslexia friendly
  • Autism Approved by the AHA
  • Topics such as barter & trade, history of money, income, types of jobs, banks, bank accounts, ATM’s, checks, debit cards, credit cards, interest, budgeting, needs vs wants, expenses, resources, supply and demand, investing, taxes, charity, and donation. 
  • Student workbooks include over 200 pages of versatile and interactive activities suitable for all learning styles.
  • Single Instructors guide works with multiple students workbooks / Great for multi-student families!

FIRST TIME orders MUST purchase the Instructors guide AND student workbook KIT.
Workbooks CAN NOT be used without an instructors guide!

Instructors guide & Student workbook KIT : $80 + S/H
Student Workbook ONLY: $60 + S/H (make sure you have an instructors guide)

Grade Level

Accepted Vendor At:

  • Inspire Charter Schools
  • Compass Charter Schools
  • iLead Schools
  • Gorman Learning Center
  • Ocean Grove Charter Schools
  • Sky Mountain Charter Schools
  • South Sutter Charter Schools
  • Valiant Preparatory Charter Schools
  • Summit Academy

Coming Soon:

  • Excel Academy
  • Sage Oak Academy
dyslexia friendly
ADHD & LD approved additude magazine

Activity Book 1:
Make It, Count It, Keep It

Activity book 1 teaches kids about identifying, earning and saving their money.
Topics covered include coin identification and values, banks, bank accounts, ways to earn money and more!
This activity book makes learning about money interactive and fun through mazes, word searches, drawing, short stories, eye spy activities and more!
Recommended Age: children ages 6+

Price: $10.99+SH ($1)

Activity Book 2:
Making & Using Money

Activity book 2 teaches kids about income and expenses.
Topics covered include types of income, ways to earn money, types of expenses, bills, jobs, needs v.s. wants and more!  

This activity book makes learning about money interactive and fun through mazes, word searches, drawing, short stories, eye spy activities and more!
Recommended Age: children ages 6+
Price: $10.99+SH ($1)

Home Bundle Activity Pack


Give your kids hours of educational fun with our home bundle pack. Perfect for entertaining kids with education fun after school or during summer vacation!
The Home Bundle Pack includes:

  • Activity Book 1
  • Activity Book 2
  • Money Munchkids Practice Money Sheet
  • 3 Build-A-Bank’s (Save, Spend, Donate)
  • Family Budget Sheet
  • 1 USD Money Packs
  • 1 money pencils
  • 4 Money Sticker Sheets

*Image may not be an exact replica of the current home bundle pack.

Recommended Age: children ages 6+
Price: $25 +SH ($3)

En Español

Libro 1: Hazlo, Cuentalo, Quedatelo

Este libro escrito por Money Munchkids tiene el fin de enseñar a niños sobre cómo identificar, ganar y ahorrar su dinero.
¡Los temas incluyen identificación de monedas y su valor, bancos, cuentas bancarias, formas de ganar dinero y más!
¡Este libro de actividades hace que el aprendizaje sobre el dinero sea interactivo y divertido por medio de laberintos, sopas de letras, dibujos, historias cortas, objetos escondidos y más!
Recommended Age: children ages 6+
Price: $10.99+SH ($1)

Libro 2:
Hacer y Usar Dinero

En este libro los niños aprenden sobre: Ingresos v. Gastos.

Tipos de ingresos Cheques Pago Pagar cuentas Tipos de trabajos Períodos de pago Medio Tiempo v.s. Tiempo Completo Identificación de monedas Depósitos Directos Tipos de gastos Gastos de pago Adición Multiplicación Sustracción Ortografía Leer Vocabulario

Recommended Age: children ages 6+
Price: $10.99+SH ($1)

“My child loves these (Money Munchkids products) — and, most likely, so will yours.”
~Elizabeth Broadbent,
ADDitude Magazine, certified teacher & mother of three


  1. Rachel Horon

    What a great activity book! The characters are easy to relate to, the pictures are great, and the activities keep it fresh. My kindergartener liked some of the activities that she could do by herself. My older son could relate to saving money for toys and things as well as having a bank account. He also liked practicing writing his own checks. This is a great book to share with a child or just to have them work on learning about money on their own.

  2. Susan R

    I recently recieved a copy of money munchkids to review with my five year old. Money Munchkids activity book 1 explains basic money skills as well as saving, spending, and banking concepts. The book is very self explanatory and has a lot of different fun activities. My daughter especially enjoyed the maze and seek and find word puzzles. I love that it not only talks about spending and saving but also gives children ideas for ways to generate money as well. Susie has decided she wants to set up a Lemonade stand this summer to sell lemonade. She is wanting to make money to buy a new dress for her babydoll. Money Munchkids is a great tool for parents to talk to their children about money. I highly reccomend it.



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