Be a Millionaire Day (May 20th) is one of our favorite holidays that is all about being smart with your money! This is a day not just dreaming but to be inspired to rethink your financial situation and make plans to further advance yourself into the millionaire’s club.

Tips For Adults:

  • Go through your expenses
  • Try to restructure your spending habits by cutting down on impulse buys
  • Open a savings account/make a savings plan if you don’t have one
  • Take time to study the market and begin investing
  • Top up your 401K savings or your child’s college funds
  • Make plans of paying debts ahead of time
  • Start building an emergency fund of at least 2 months’ worth of expenses
  • Helping your kids understand the value of saving money could result to a money wise adult. Sometimes the best way to learn is to actually do it!

Tips For Kids:

  • Ask your parent to help you open a savings account
  • Keep track of how you spend or save your money in a notebook
  • Before you spend your money on something take an extra minute and think if you really want it
  • When you go out with your parents pay attention to how much things cost

 Keep up these money smart habits and you too could be a millionaire some day!
Use our RESOURCES FOR ADULTS and RESOURCES FOR KIDS pages to help you get there!